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A Journey of Courage & Hope:

Kathleen Mullally Scholarship Awarded to Resilient Mother & Aspiring Social Worker

College Point, New York—August 1st, 2023—In a heartwarming ceremony that left not a dry eye in the room, Ms. Crystal Lewin, a mother of four and aspiring social worker, was awarded the prestigious Kathleen Mullally Scholarship on June 27th, 2023. The scholarship, a beacon of hope for pregnant and parenting students, was established by the visionary Josephine Rose, an alumna of Queens College and passionate advocate for Students for Life of America. Held at the welcoming confines of The Bridge to Life, a local pregnancy resource center, the event celebrated resilience, courage, and the power of community support.

The Kathleen Mullally Foundation, founded with the aim of empowering pregnant and parenting students through educational grants, selected Crystal as the fourth recipient of the scholarship. With a determination that transcends adversity, Josephine Rose envisioned the scholarship as an extension of the Students for Life of America Pregnant on Campus Initiative—an initiative that seeks to build a strong support network for students navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood while pursuing their education.

During the ceremony, a radiant Ms. Rose emphasized the significance of supporting mothers and validating their extraordinary journey, especially in a world where motherhood's strength is sometimes overlooked. The Bridge to Life, the location where Crystal found solace and unwavering support, played a vital role in hosting the event. This pregnancy resource center has been a lifeline for countless women, providing essential resources and a warm embrace to those in need.

Crystal Lewin, a social work student at Mildred Elley, personified courage and resilience as she stood on the stage, balancing the roles of a devoted mother and a nurse. As the mother of three older children, Crystal's journey was filled with challenges. Driving her kids back and forth in the wee hours from childcare to shelters became her daily routine—a heart-rending struggle that tested her faith and determination.

"I put my trust in God and let go of my job because it became overwhelming. Despite my mistakes, God has always come through for me and my children. But it was the battles within, the doubts I harbored, that brought me to my knees," shared Crystal, tears glistening in her eyes.

Amid her quest for support, Crystal found her way to The Bridge to Life, where a warm community wrapped her in love and provided essential resources. This invaluable center, with its compassionate Executive Director, Francesca Yellico, guided her towards the Kathleen Mullally Scholarship application—a beacon of hope that illuminated her path.

Selecting Crystal as the recipient was an obvious choice for Ms. Rose, the foundation's president, who was deeply moved by her unwavering faith, grace, and perseverance. The scholarship will enable Crystal to realize her dream of completing her social work training and pursuing crisis counseling. Her ultimate goal? To support young women facing struggles similar to her own, empowering them to find strength and hope in their darkest hours.

"I want to understand their struggles and offer my support. God has guided me through this journey so I can now be a beacon of hope for others," Crystal proclaimed, her voice infused with gratitude and determination.

With the Kathleen Mullally Scholarship paving the way, Crystal's journey as a social worker filled with compassion and understanding is set to touch countless lives. She is proof that with the power of community support and unwavering determination, even the most daunting obstacles can be conquered.

Francesca Yellico, the Executive Director of The Bridge to Life, has been a constant source of support and encouragement throughout Crystal's journey. Her unwavering dedication and belief in the potential of every woman have been instrumental in shaping Crystal's path towards success. As a guiding light, Francesca's compassionate leadership has transformed The Bridge to Life into a sanctuary of hope for countless mothers and families in need.

As we witnessed Crystal's emotional journey unfold, it was a reminder that when hearts unite for a noble cause, dreams transform into reality, and the world becomes a brighter place. The Kathleen Mullally Scholarship will continue to illuminate the path for other aspiring mothers and students, guiding them towards their dreams, just as it did for Crystal.

For more information, or to submit a receipt for next years award, please contact:

Josephine Rose

Phone: 845-549-0830

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