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About Bridge


Our mission is to provide life-affirming options to anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, empowering them to choose life for their child and to provide practical support and education to moms, dads, and families.

Our vision is to build a culture of life in our community, one in which the life of every man, woman and child is valued and cherished. 



The Bridge to Life is a 501-C3 non-profit in the state of New York.


We are funded by the generosity and support of individuals, churches, and businesses. 

Bridge is governed by a Board of Directors committed to affirming life in our community. 


All our services are offered free of charge to our clients. We provide pregnancy tests, options counseling, ultrasound referrals, pregnancy and parenting support, and material assistance. Our goal is for women and men to choose life and equip moms and dads to be the best parents they can be.


Learn more about our full list of services and how we serve our community.



The Bridge to Life, Inc. began as a dream of our founder, Eleanor Ruder. She became a single mother after receiving a “Dear Jane” letter from her husband in Korea. Working full-time and with the help from her parents, she successfully raised two daughters, but she realized that not all mothers were as fortunate. Eleanor made a promise to herself that when she retired, if she were able she would open a pregnancy help center to help women that did not have the same support she did.

In 1992, she fulfilled that promise. She retired from her career in banking and started The Bridge to Life. Bridge has flourished through its over twenty-five-year history, serving thousands of women and children each year from all five boroughs of New York City.

We aim to be the bridge that helps mothers provide for their children. We provide self-administered pregnancy tests, multilingual-counseling, referrals for free ultrasounds, support groups, and housing. Through our material assistance program, we are able to provide tangible support to expecting women and couples. By providing families with much-needed items, we are able to eliminate some of their financial strain and empowering them to be able to choose life for their baby.

Our goals here at Bridge are clear. We must help women choose life, and we must continue to fulfill Eleanor’s dream each time a mother walks through our doors. With the help of our supporters, we have and will continue to fulfill this mission.

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