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Our Services


At an options information appointment, we provide free self-administered pregnancy test kits to women who may be pregnant. We are also able to provide referrals for a free ultrasound from a licensed medical facility nearby so they can see their baby and confirm the pregnancy.


Bridge is not a medical facility and does not provide medical services.



Located in a city of multicultural demographics, we serve women and mothers from all five boroughs within New York City.


In an effort to connect with everyone who comes to us in need, we are able to offer multilingual, supportive counseling through the diversity of our care consultants.


This program provides tangible support to women and couples who are expecting a baby. Pregnant women can obtain needed maternity clothes throughout their pregnancy. Prior to the baby’s birth, the mother-to-be is gifted with a Welcome Kit containing the basics needed to bring home her newborn.


Following the birth, mothers can receive additional clothing for her infant and other children along with diapers, wipes, bottles, strollers, high chairs, etc. if available. These items are offered through generous donations of individuals and organizations who want to assist mothers and families in their community. By providing families in need with these items, we are able to eliminate some of their financial strain. 

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Know someone who is pregnant?


We’re here to listen, care and help! Someone is always available to answer a call from an expectant mother, father of the baby, or family member.


Our 24-hour pregnancy helpline also reaches women who are considering an abortion and helps connect them with our center. Lives are saved and moms and families are given hope.

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