The Bridge to Life, Inc. is a non-judgmental, non-sectarian, and apolitical organization dedicated to offering women and men the resources they need to choose life! We help all who come to us regardless of faith, age, race, or marital status. We do this with counseling that is informative, compassionate and honest.

Our organization has been helping the community since March 2, 1992. We are able to assist those in need through donations from private individuals and organizations sympathetic to our mission. All donations are much needed, very gratefully received and tax deductible.

We welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer or has a specific talent that can be used to help women and men choose life.


Our Mission Statement

We provide informative, honest and compassionate counselling to empower pregnant women to choose life while serving our families with support, guidance and material assistance in order for them to raise their children in a loving and secure environment. 


Our Practices

To carry out this objective the Corporation shall establish one or more problem pregnancy service facilities guided to propose and offer through education, action and referrals alternatives to abortion.

To make every effort to save the baby and help the mother and those who are involved with the pregnancy.

To make available to the client all resources and follow-up services, including material assistance, and whatever forms of support necessary to assure that the mother may bring her baby to term.

To make every possible effort to give the clients information and counseling in person rather than over the telephone.

To offer all services free of charge.

To refer all matters concerning adoption and adoption procedures to legally authorized persons and agencies.

To keep all client’s problems strictly confidential and never discuss them outside the office.

To be non-judgmental towards the client and to treat all clients equally.

Our History *

The Bridge to Life, Inc. began as a dream of our foundress, Eleanor Ruder. She became a single mother after receiving a “Dear Jane” letter from her husband in Korea! With the grace of God, she received help from her parents to raise her two daughters. She worked full time at Chase Manhattan Bank. She made a promise to herself that, if she were able, when she retired, she would open a pregnancy help center.

In 1992, she did just that. She made an appointment to meet with the former Bishop of Brooklyn, Thomas Daily, and received his blessing for her idea. Bishop Daily had met recently with Blessed Mother Theresa, and she told him that a diocese this size should have a center where pregnant women could go for assistance. This center had to be a place where women would be encouraged to choose life.

The rest is for the history books.

Bridge has flourished throughout its almost twenty-five year history, serving over 4,000 people from all five boroughs of New York City yearly with that number increasing dramatically.

Our Mission includes providing informative, honest and compassionate counseling to help women dealing with pregnancy, as well as providing hands of help through material assistance to help them to raise their children.

Bridge now has two centers, our headquarters in Flushing and a satellite in Astoria. We have the support of a number of Knights of Columbus Councils, as well as many churches within the Diocese of Brooklyn.

We encourage all of our supporters to be a part of the bridge that saves babies from abortion--to be the bridge that helps mothers provide for their children. They can do this by supporting us with their time, talent and treasure. 

We have faithful volunteers who do everything from filling poitions on our Board of Directors, to sorting clothes, to praying outside abortion facilities, and to crocheting baby blankets.

We provide self-administered pregnancy tests, referrals for free sonograms, post-abortion healing, connecting with mother support groups, and housing.

We help frightened young girls tell their parents about their pregnancies. We help girls make a plan for their lives that will include another—their child. The biggest obstacle we face today is our throw away, Culture of Death. The lives of the unborn are not cherished by all Americans and certainly aren't protected under our present government.

We need to continue with outreach to widen our community via social media.

Planned Parenthood received close to $750,000 from the New York City Council last year for a new center in Long Island City. Bridge was approved for just $10,000!! How can the NYCC “get away” with using tax-payer dollars so unfairly??

Our voting has consequences. It is important for people of faith to know what candidates stand for. Our next president will most likely appoint 3 to 5 Supreme Court Justices. Justices who will follow the principles clearly stated in the U. S. Constitution will make the difference in restoring a Culture of Life to all Americans.

Young people need to hear that we have faith in them. We have faith that they will make prudent decisions in their lives and for the world around them. They are a “Pro-Life” generation. With this in mind, we are in the process of forming a junior board. They are tasked with networking with young professionals and promoting the long overdue and “longed-for” Culture of Life.

Our major fundraiser each year is our Anniversary Gala held in the spring. We honor true Pro-life Champions, the first being Bishop Thomas Daily; and for 2016, the past and present members of the Joint Parish Respect Life Committee. Over 300 persons attended and enjoyed a special spirit of fellowship along with excellent music and dancing.

Other honorees, over the years, included New York State Senator Frank Padavan; New York Conservative Party's Chairperson, Michael Long; Jeanne Head, New York State Representative on the National Right to Life Committee; Rev. Peter West, The Priests for Life; and Ed Wilkinson, Editor of The Tablet.

Our goals here at Bridge are clear. We must help women choose life, and we must continue to fulfill Eleanor’s dream each time a mother walks through our doors. With the help of our supporters, we will continue to do this.

Please be sure to spread the word about Bridge. The more supporters we have, the better we can be! Please visit us at one of our centers: 147-32 Sanford Avenue, Flushing, NY 11355 or our satellite center, 23-40 Astoria Blvd., Astoria, NY 11101.

You may also visit us at our website at HERE’S TO A GREAT 25th YEAR!

* The Bridge to Life, Inc.: A True Life Saver
By Catherine Donohoe, MS, RN, President of the Board of Directors, Bridge to Life, Inc.

Catherine Donohoe and Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, 2014
(Photo taken at recent National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, Washington, D.C. June 17, 2016.)